Tips for Long Distance Travelling.

I know that travelling on flights for 10+ hours can be exhausting and uncomfortable because you are stuffed in a box with a hundreds of strangers with limited comfort. However, the discomfort and exhaustion can be minimised by these tips I have learnt over the years from flights ranging from 10 hours to 22 hours. I hope these tips help and let me know of any other suggestions or tips discovered! Safe travels!

Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash
  1. Compartmentalise your carry-on luggage. Keep all your quick needs at the top or front of your bag where it is most accessible, such as phone chargers, headphones, passport etc. This keeps you bag organised and much more easier to find your needs quickly when needed.

  2. Stay hydrated and keep munching on snacks. Always keep an empty bottle of water in you bag to fill when you are waiting for your flight. Keep taking small sips every now and then to make sure you are not de-hydrated which can have damaging effects on your digestion system, destroy your appetite and make you bloated. In my experience, flight attendants have been kid enough to fill my bottles on the plane to if asked politely, if not, you can always keep asking for drinks. Similarly, keep small snacks too like some energy bars or chocolate, things to keep you full and your appetite active until the next meal arrives. 

  3. Have face and hand cream ready. Keep applying a little bit of cream to your face and hands every few hours as it can get quite dry after a few hours on the plane. This will prevent your skin from getting flaky and damaged from the dryness, as well as keep you slightly warmer from the cold. 

  4. Buying a good neck pillow is worth it. A good memory foam neck pillow is well worth the buy as it provides just the right amount of softness-to-stiffness ratio for your head to rest in any angle and give you a good sleep. This, with the help of an eye mask will let you fly past the time.

  5. Wear warm fuzzy socks and easy to wear shoes. Feel free to take you shoes off if it makes you uncomfortable on long flights, however, keep some warm socks on. The socks keep you feet warm, continuing blood circulation, and allowing you to stay comfortable. It is also more considerate and hygienic than being bare-foot. Being bare-foot can also make your feet swell up.

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